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Dec 18,  · Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues (Set #2) These Christmas scavenger hunt clues are appropriate for adults and for kids and use items and locations found in almost every home. It’s perfect for a gift that’s too large or awkward to wrap or just to do for the pure fun of it. The 12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt is a game you play once a day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. You’ll hide a small gift each day, and give a clue that will lead someone to finding it. It’s like a mini advent calendar with a scavenger hunt twist each day!

Dec 24,  · This Christmas scavenger hunt is perfect for adults to play along with kids! I’ve tried to make these Christmas scavenger hunt riddles as easy as possible, using only common items you might have around the home during this festive season. Update: Find a complete list of 46 clues and printable versions here. The holiday scavenger hunt has been a Christmas tradition in my family for decades. I recounted the many reasons parents should stage a scavenger hunt around the house here. It’s great fun to make the kids work to find a gift, but I know.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas. A Christmas scavenger hunt is a fun holiday idea for any event from office parties to family gatherings. Whether you are sending someone on a search for their Christmas gift or a treasure hunt around the neighborhood, scavenger hunts can add excitement to all your festivities. Simply, an online Christmas scavenger hunt is where a host will set some prompts or clues and in a set amount of time all of the participants have to rush around their house to gather as many of the objects as they can to earn points. The person with the most points wins.