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Chuck E. Cheese in Susquehanna Township. The wobbly video shows a group of adults mulling inside Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in Susquehanna Twp. Suddenly it pans left . Adult Childs Play Chucky Wig. $ Become the “Good Guy” doll that is anything but good when you try on a Chucky costume. This creepy possessed doll character from the Child's Play movies has a terrifying track record that includes many victims. Eventually joined by a bride doll possessed by his girlfriend Tiffany, the two become a.

Video shows several adults throwing punches at the restaurant in Commack. For Gabe's 20th birthday party, the fellas all decide to go have it at Chuck E. Cheese. The workers told us that they have never had an adult birthday party.

We headed to Chuck E. Cheese's for some arcade fun! The slogan is where a kid can be a kid, but I guess we're technically "adults." We played a whole bunch o. Adult Coloring Pages. About Us. About Us Contact Us. Chuck E Cheese Coloring Pages Results. 5 Free Play Points - Chuck E. Cheese Redeem this certificate and get 5 FREE Play Points with any food purchase. Valid at participating locations. Limit 1 coloring page o er per child, per day.