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Coblation is a new soft tissue surgical technique that is being used for tonsillectomy. Published results show a significant decrease in the amount of post-operative pain experienced by patients. A total of 41 adult patients with inferior turbinate hypertrophy refractory to medical management were treated with RF coblation in 1 nostril and intramural bipolar cautery in the other. Subjective and objective data, including use of a VAS for subjective outcomes, acoustic rhinometry, and nasal endoscopy, were then obtained from each patient.

Conclusions: In adult patient s, coblation to nsillectom y offers some signific ant advantag es in terms of post-operative pain a nd healing, co mpared with oth er tonsillec tomy techniqu es. This was a randomized controlled study of adult patients who underwent coblation TE at our hospital between 01/ and 08/ The patients were randomized to TE with or without suture. The primary endpoint was the secondary PTH. The secondary endpoints included the primary PTH, grade of PTH, and incidence of PTH within 4 weeks post-TE.

Tonsillectomy – Adult Recovery and Risks Most studies indicate a two to four percent risk of delayed hemorrhage [severe bleeding]. Where tonsillectomy in adults differs most from tonsillectomy in children is in the recovery. Recovery from childhood tonsillectomy generally takes five to seven days. Abstract Objectives: Coblation is operated in low temperature, so it is proposed that tonsillectomy with coblation involves less postoperative pain and allows accelerated healing of the tonsillar fossae compared with other methods involving heat driven processes.