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It is also important that people with dyslexia develop a repertoire of coping strategies, such as deliberately studying new vocabulary that might be important in a specific industry. Repeatedly drilling information helps a dyslexic adult feel more confident and can translate into enhanced performance over time. Healthy Emotion-Focused Coping Skills. Whether you’re feeling lonely, nervous, sad, or angry, emotion-focused coping skills can help you deal with your feelings in a healthy way. Healthy coping strategies may soothe you, temporarily distract you, or help you tolerate your distress.

6 Coping Skills Worksheets for Adults. There are so many coping skills worksheets out there that it can be overwhelming to find the best ones. To make it easier for you, we’ve selected some of our favorites and included them below. Growing Stronger From Trauma. practical approaches that career counselors can use to steer adults with dyslexia toward satisfying, productive careers based on their own abilities and interests. In the article, I describe research based on my face-to-face interviews and reading test results of 60 highly successful adults with dyslexia.

Though difficulty reading is the hallmark of dyslexia, most adults with dyslexia can read. Living with dyslexia as an adult means its challenges every day. Simplified, dyslexia is a reading disability where a person struggles to connect the sound of . Oct 13,  · Adult dyslexics develop well defined coping strategies which compensate for any deficiencies they may have because of their dyslexia. However, these coping strategies may severely affect their ability to develop reading and writing skills. Like me, dyslexic adults may well have “failed” in education in the past and will need constant encouragement and positive .