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Causes for Coughing up Brown phlegm. These are the most common causes that may lead to someone coughing up brown phlegm: Smoking. Common cause; Brown phlegm appears as substances contained by cigarettes accumulated at the level of the bronchi (tar, nicotine etc.); moreover, it has a characteristic grainy texture. Apr 30,  · One mighty cough out small amounts of red blood, or frothy blood-streaked sputum (phlegm). Blood in mucus can show a number of possible diseases. Mucus Production: Mucus is produced from two distinct regions within our lungs and lungs tissues. Mucus .

Jun 20,  · Coughing Up Brown, Black, or Rusty Mucus: Bacterial Infections. Coughing up rust-colored sputum in the morning or at any other time of the day can be associated with bacterial infections in the lungs. Bronchitis. Brown mucus or phlegm can be . Coughing up brown mucus could mean multiple things depending on the variation in the texture and color of your mucus. If you smoke, your brown mucus is tinted by considerable amount of tobacco particles you inhale every time you take a puff. In case you smoke marijuana, your brown mucus could even have traces of black inclusions due to high.

Phlegm is excessive mucus excreted from your breathing passages that is not normally clear but is tinted with various causatives as MSN Healthy Living explains. These secretions could be colored in various hues depending on the causes of the condition. The most probable cause for coughing up brown mucus is smoking. Nicotine, tar and resins get into your bronchial and lung passages with . Summary. A cough that produces mucus can sometimes occur in response to irritation from an allergen or irritant. Common culprits include smoke, air pollution, and pollen. Sometimes, however, a.