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Feb 12,  · GameStop has a wide variety of Dreamcast available for you to purchase today. Browse our vast selection of Dreamcast products. For a less-successful-than-hoped system now reaching two decades of existence, the Dreamcast holds an impressive library of games that just haven't seen proper follow-ups, and that holds true with the unlocalized segment of its library. The end of the road for Sega's hardware development was full of both special novelties and Japan-only genre specialties, and the system's arcade-like approach.

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Man, I've been checking out some Youtube Top *Insert Number* Dreamcast Games and surprisingly this is one of the few lists that doesn't feature Soul Calibur at it's number 1. DCJY staff, pat yourself in the back, you did a great job. With the list, not with the fact that Soul Calibur wasn't voted the number 1 game. Long before rhythm games would hit their stride, the Dreamcast brought us Space Channel 5, a Tetsuya Mizuguchi music/memory game in which invading aliens had taken humanity hostage via the medium of dance. Logically, it was up to space-faring reporter Ulala to rescue the mind-controlled people and fend off the alien menace by copying their.