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adult education in participatory practice - A course at the adult education center...

Education. His study could be described as an action research project (Lewin, and Kemmis & McTaggart, ) since it was collaborative, participatory and sought to improve an aspect of society, in this case, second chance education for women. The Department wanted to know why so many women were returning to study and what effects their. employers. For that reason, a considerable number of institutions offering adult education work to connect their program to specific employment aims. Despite the benefits that education can provide, participation in adult educational services can be sporadic.

Dec 22,  · Action research, also including participatory research (PR), has long been intertwined with the theory and practice of adult education. And like action research, adult education is a broad term, encompassing several purposes, methods, sites and features. Adult . ADULT EDUCATION. Most basically defined, adult education is the intentional, systematic process of teaching and learning by which persons who occupy adult roles acquire new values, attitudes, knowledge, skills, and disciplines. As a concept, "adult education" demarcates a subfield of education that is distinct from the latter's historical and still general identification with the formal.

Praxis may be defined as the alternating and continuous engagement by teachers and learners in exploration, action, and reflection, and that this process is central to adult education. The fifth principle is the logical counterpart to the previous one. Participatory Practices in Adult Educationpurports to "provide concrete models and suggestions to practitioners and participants in a wide variety of adult education settings who want to increase the participatory nature of their activities." [vii] To a large extent, the book fulfills its stated purpose.