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Dec 14,  · Typically, there is no legal requirement that a grandfather clause be inserted into a city ordinance. However, any business that is adversely affected by the new ordinance would have the right to request a "nonconforming use" permit. code of ordinances. wakulla county code wakulla county, florida: supplement history table: chapter 1. general provisions: chapter 2. administration: chapter 3. adult entertainment and bottle clubs: chapter 4. airports and aviation: chapter 5. alcoholic beverages: offenses and miscellaneous provisions: chapter outdoor gatherings.

savings clause in the zoning ordinance. These clauses exempt pre-existing lots from later-enacted frontage and/or lot size requirements, or in some cases, allow buildings on those lots by special exception. If there is a savings clause, then the owner can exercise whatever rights that clause gives the owners of substandard lots. CINCINNATI (CN) – A Memphis nightclub cannot grandfather in nude dancing and must following current zoning laws that prohibit adult entertainment, the 6th Circuit ruled. The new ruling marks the second time Marshall Entertainment Concepts LLC, which operates a club known as The Spot, has appealed a federal judge’s adverse findings in.

Some zoning ordinances explicitly use the rules of vested rights to define grandfathering, and other ordinances grandfather exceptions that would not have vested rights. For example, amending a zoning ordinance but allowing pre-existing lots to use standards from the prior zoning ordinance would be a grandfathering that was not required under. C. Prohibition. (Amended by Ord. No. ,, Eff. 1/23/) No person shall cause or permit the establishment, substantial enlargement or transfer of ownership or control of an adult entertainment business within 1, feet of another adult entertainment business, or within feet of a religious institution, school, or public park within the City of Los Angeles.