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Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash. Ah, the mystery of fanfiction! A whirlwind of adventures, stories, and craziness that leaves anyone in a daze. I have been reading and writing fanfiction . Gumball "Tristopher" Wattersonis the man of the house and proud father of the family. Born to Richard and Nicole Watterson, he was raised in the quiet calm city of Elmore and has lived a seemingly normal childhood, despite having to run from danger countless times over. During his time as a toddler,grew fond of his fellow classmate Penny. After persuading her to reveal her .

Q. Year-Old Daughter Reading Porn Disguised as Fan Fiction: I discovered my year-old daughter has been reading fan fiction for a very popular all . The nomination period has ended for the TMNT Adult Fanfiction Awards. Congratulations to all the nominees! You worked hard and deserve the accolades. The reading period has officially begun and will continue through February 26th.

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