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19 rows · Shiley™ Tracheostomy Tube Adult Homecare Guide Learn how to care for your . Feb 27,  · Bivona® Adult TTS™ tracheostomy tube is intended to provide the benefits of cuffed and uncuffed tubes in one: The TTS™ cuff design has the profile of an uncuffed tube when deflated which is intended to minimize trauma when the tube is inserted; The silicone tube construction allows the tube to remain flexible in the trachea.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Shiley 4 DCT tracheostomy tube explained by SuperWes. Very common adult trach tube with air filled cuff and disposable inner cannula, and obturator. Thx Cale.

Covidien: M6SCT, Covidien - M6SCT - Tracheostomy Tube, Size , Adult, Specialized, Cuffed, 1/bx, The leading brand of disposable tracheostomy tubes. Includes a full range of adult, pediatric and neonatal tracheostomy tubes as well as speaking valves. Adult and Pediatric Tracheostomy Home Care Videos are designed to be used with the ShileyTracheostomy Home Care Guides. These videos provide an effective complement to instructions received in either the hospital, home or doctor’s office.