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Hello and welcome to Superhero Fanfiction Wiki. Here you get to make your own superhero, villain, anti-hero, team, movie, series, weapons, or anything you want. So have fun and make yourself feel welcome. Disclaimer – I don't own shit. But if I did then there'd be an awful lot more lesbians in the DCU. Quick and Dirty. The shrill sound of police sirens faded into the night; they were lost, muffled into the over cast sky and the looming figures of Gotham's buildings.

SuperHero TransGendered Stories! Steve has very kindly allowed me to post a whole huggins of his stories here on my site, I am obviously very grateful to him and I hope you will enjoy reading them all, I know I am! Thanks Steve! Here you'll find forums that contain fan fiction for shows, films, plays, games, and even cartoons. There's also crossover fan fiction (which combines elements and characters from a variety of.

Visit Category: Fanfiction #11 of Myth & Men. Votes: Stats. What is history and what is myth? Will The Horsemen strike again, or will humanity bring about its destruction all on its own? -- of Myth & Men focuses on the lives of gifted humans and their unfortunate non-gifted brethren. We offer a distinctly. 91 Marvel fanfiction tales. Last Updated: Popular: 'Half in the Shadows', 'Under or Over', 'He Without Sin', 'Plastic Marriage'.