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Question by T.J.: Could add some adult triops to my fish tank? I have a 50 gallon fish tank with: 5 platys 1 molly 2 glass catfish 2 glo-lite tetras 3 bloodfin tetras 3 neon tetras 7 large platy fry. Best answer: Answer by Martha R the glass cats might eat them and I thought that triops can onaly be in spring water? Know better? When the triops are adults, they’ll eat almost anything. For this reason, you can use the typical flake fish food or even live food – like daphnia – as the base food. After eight to ten days, you can place the triops in the final tank, where they’ll live for the rest of their life cycle. This should be done gradually to avoid a shock.

While adult Triops are frail, Triops cancriformis is widely considered the oldest living species, with fossils of the species found in rocks dating back to the Late Triassic (4). Because of. How to Set up a Billabong Bugs Kit. Billabong Bugs® is an educational triops kit that contains the large prehistoric brachiopod called Triops australiensis. Billabong Bugs kits are unique in that they contain the eggs of Triops.

Thames & Kosmos Thames and Kosmos Giant Triops, Nature Discovery Range, Breed Feed Observe Help Prehistoric Crustaceans to Grow and Learn How They Survived Millions of Years, Ages 8+, Nylon/A. out of 5 stars Triops is a genus of small crustaceans in the order Notostraca (tadpole shrimp). Some species are considered living fossils, with a fossil record that reaches back to the late long lasting resting eggs of one species, Triops longicaudatus, are commonly sold in kits as a contact with fresh water the animals hatch. Most Triops have a life expectancy of up to .