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Boot Camp for Adults. WA Boot Camp – Fitness. WA Boot Camp offer an outdoor fitness training program, with a main focus on enhancing total body fitness and promoting weight loss, while having fun. The basic methodology includes strength training, aerobic exercises, muscle toning, agility drills, flexibility improvement, and even some fun games. Boot Camp is sponsored by AAPA and the Society of Hospital Medicine and is designed to provide PAs and NPs with a broad foundation on commonly encountered diagnoses in hospitalized adult patients.

Boot camp rehab centers require strict adherence to rules, inspections, copious amounts of physical exercise, living in very sparse conditions, and eating very little food. To many people, this kind of treatment may seem harsh. However, it is designed to shock a person who is suffering from addiction. Boot camp retreats give participants the enjoyment of being outdoors, an intensive diverse workout, and more important, the results that come from a workout of this level; reduction of body fat, improved muscle mass and weight loss. A boot camp retreat may be just what you need to .

Boot camps are part of the correctional and penal system of some countries. Modeled after military recruit training camps, these programs are based on shock incarceration grounded on military techniques. The aggressive training used has resulted in deaths in a variety of circumstances. Boot camps are also criticized around the world for their lack of behavioral change and for the way extreme. This highly specialized and educationally intense boot camp immerses PAs and NPs in some of the most important topics in adult hospital medicine. September 29, (Pre-Courses) September 30 – October 3, (General Course) Can’t wait until September for hospital medicine CME? Check out Boot Camp on Demand!