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The #1 Christian mental health program in the United States. World-class amenities in a safe setting. 24/7 behavioral health treatment services. We treat adults, young adults, and Teenagers. Call () Tour Our Facility. Christian Mental Health Programs. Equine Program. As Catholic/Christian Parents of a struggling teenager or at-risk young adult son, you are most likely looking for a truly Christ Centered program for your at-risk youth. You have come to the right place! Our Three Ranch Based Programs offer young men the opportunity to change their unhealthy habits into healthy ones.

Aug 03,  · Most of these leaders are young adults themselves, especially in churches with thriving young adult ministries. But, whatever the age of the leader, the presence of a designated person, paid or unpaid, responsible to lead young adult engagement is crucial. The majority of young adult ministry leaders are unpaid volunteers. May 04,  · Communities that are successfully reaching young adults emphasize authenticity. The lens of authenticity is helping many young adult ministers find success by gathering around food and drink, such as pub theology and dinner churches. It’s wrong to think of these approaches as merely luring in young adults promises of food and booze.

Video game addiction and technology addiction can become a serious issue if left untreated. Young men drop out of college or stop going altogether because they would rather play video games. Relationships suffer, personal hygiene suffers, social anxiety develops and young men get stuck in a rut that is hard to get out of. For percent of churches, connecting with young adults starts with a healthy dose of self-evaluation. And that self-evaluation will lead to a major paradigm shift in ministry for some churches. As key leaders in the lives of your individual ministries, know that you and your leadership team are the best equipped to perform this evaluation.